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My Father Came Back and Brought Me Ice-Cream

A picture is worth a thousand words, the expression goes, and my smile says it all. This was my last birthday party in Jamaica before immigrating to the United States. It was five days after Christmas. I was so excited to have my father at the party because three months prior, he left Jamaica to travel to London and then to New York. Before he left, he promised me that he will be back.

I wasn't sure if he was coming back because this was the first time my father left me behind for so long. I remember the car ride to the airport; I was hysterically crying and felt so sad. I kept saying, "Yuh nah go come back!" I really thought he was never coming back. He kept reassuring me that he will come back and when he does, he would buy me ice-cream. (ice-cream seems to be the number one bribe for any kid) :-)

Three days before Christmas, (December 22, 1987 my dad's birthday), a car pulls up; there was a knocking on the metal fenced gate. The knocking sounded familiar to me. It sounded like metal was knocking on metal; just like how my father would knock the gate by using the back hand of his ring finger so his ring would make a sound against the fence almost like a chime.

There he was standing there holding a bag with Creamy Corner brand ice-cream in his hand. "Surprise!"He walked in and I was in heaven! My father came back and brought me ice-cream and didn't miss my birthday, he never did. There are so many wonderful memories of my father and I hope you have great memories of yours too.

Thank you dad for never missing my birthday and bringing me ice-cream.

Sleep in Peace

I want to wish all fathers a happy Father's Day! Cherish each moment with your children. I thank you for being present in your children's life. Continue to be there for them. And as a daddy's girl myself, give a little extra love to your daughters. :-)

Look out for more blog posts and look out for my book about the relationship between father and daughter coming soon.

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