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Black Femininity Rising and the Me Too Movement

She Persisted

In a world where women are dominating in business, motherhood, and in the political limelight, there seems to be various factors working against the empowerment of a woman's work. Some of these factors are as subtle as some of the quotes noted in the image (pic by C.M. Prttirtt). Others are not as subtle but quite blatantly expressed with vigor and disdain.

"You're such a bitch", "You're too emotional, you can't run a business."

Women have come a long way, but the narrative around women's achievements doesn't come without criticism. Society still places so much value on what a woman should look like, dress like but yet women are still soaring. Oh, and black women are no exception to this.

Black Femininity & Me too Movement

Social activist Tarana Burke created the #metoo movement after a young girl shared with her that she was abused by her mother's boyfriend. Tarana, decided to speak out against such actions, actions by men and even by the authorities. The increased attention and dramatic results generated by the #metoomovement have led more women to unite and speak out against gender-based violence, prejudice, and serious invasions of their basic human rights. With the revelation such as that of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein in recent feminist speak out campaigns; the attention has shifted to the plight of many women, predominantly white women. Although the #metoo movement has made some significant strides in getting the world to pay attention to the injustices many women experience, black women are still not provided the same standing or rights as their Caucasian counterparts.

The fight for respect and acknowledgement of such indiscretions towards black women remains widespread on an international scale and need to be address. We look at those offenses that many black women continue to encounter and see how different sexual violence is used against them compared to white women.

Why? Are our bodies different? Let's take Chitiska Clemons for example who was violently arrested while her breast was fully exposed. Police refuse to cover her up. How about a black woman who was detain for three days, shows up in court without pants on. She requested for pants and sanitary feminism products to be given to her for three days and was refused. The narrative has got to change and a look at black femininity and how it correlates with the #metoomovement can provide some much-needed clarity.

Even in the light of the misogynistic era, women have risen up from the oppression and indignities that has attempted to prevent them from seeking their goals. Black women are dynamic leaders and mothers. The cat calls, the insults, the unnecessary police injustice will not derail the growth of womanhood.

Black Women Still Rising

So, in this 'Pussy Grabbing' misogynist world, prominent black women are still rising! The rise of black female entrepreneurs is increasing. We now have a recent elected female president of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde; and Stacey Abrahams campaigning for the position of first Black Governor of Georgia. In the face of misogyny and racial sexism, these strong women and other prominent black females continue to push forward to let their voices be heard. #winning What I'm I saying? Well, look, with the ongoing empowerment of black women including movements such as the #metoo campaign, women continue to show resilience and the ability to rise above the stereotypes and threats. The more people recognize the need to speak out and stand up for those who have suffered unjust indignities, the greater the chance of more women achieving an empowered state and the ability to achieve any dream, no matter how big, including black women.

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