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Dear Father, We Need You Event.

The 'Dear Father, We Need You' event was my first speaking engagement- held at the Catherine Street First Church of God. I discussed several passages from my book, 'The Happy Black Daughter': 5 Success Principles my Father Taught Me. I also challenged the fathers who attended the event to utilize the ATP Method of Responsible Fathering as well as intentionally modeling Action In Motion.

These methods I have personally observed my father utilize in his rearing of his five children. What I can say for sure is being a father or a mother does have its challenges, however, with the ATP method and Action in Motion model, it becomes rewarding and quite simple.

My intention going into the event was to inspire and spark some form of a renewed narrative around fatherhood by asking thought-provoking questions and to share my experiences, I had with my own father. What transpired - was that and more! As, fathers started sharing their understanding of leadership and as I began to delve into the generational gap of a father, there was a transformation. Our dialogue motivated a soon to be new father, Matthew, who shared with us about his leadership in fathering. He discussed being a father to his 6-year-old daughter, although not his biological child, he pledged his commitment to her. Matthew, along with his wife who will soon bare Matthew a son in a few weeks, talked about how fortunate she is to have him in his life and in her daughters' life.

After Matthew's wife spoke, her mother stood up spontaneously, and walked over to Matthew, thanking him and praising him for stepping up, thanking him for being a blessing in her daughter and granddaughter's life. This act of acknowledgement created a loving embrace from the congregation. Everybody started thanking Matthew. There was not a dry eye in that church. Towards the end of the life class workshop, Matthew was more energized than ever before, he stayed true to the commitment pledge which he enthusiastically signed. His willingness and passion to be the best father he can be showed me that it doesn't matter how young you are as a father, once you are committed, willing and not afraid to show up, then you will be the best father ever.

I am looking forward to having more Dear Father, We Need You events. Please check out my events tab frequently to see which city I'll be next.

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