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Hi! I'm Allison Braham, I'm a writer whose writing is meant to inspire, and spark change while creating thought provoking questions at the same time. This blog will tackle women's empowerment, cultural diversity,topics on self- love among other commentary articles.


From a creative writing high school major to a Broadcast Journalism graduate from Brooklyn College In New York, I've always been interested in writing. Global history, current events, social issues were always the highlight around the dinner table championed by my father. 


My debut book, The Happy Black Daughter: 5 Success Principles My Father Taught Me talks about the positive relationship I had with my father and how important fatherhood is. My father made a great impact on my life and so does many other great fathers. Let's celebrate fatherhood and daughter-hood.  


I'm excited to share valuable content with you.

Welcome aboard and let's connect!

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