The Happy Black Daughter

A Book About Love and Honor:

A Powerful Message.

-This book is for daughters of the world and     

 -For sons who have loved or love their father unconditionally.

- For the daddy's little girls and daddy's little boys too.

- For those seeking self-love and accepting who 

  they are. 

-For the society who ever doubted black fathers taking care of their children.  

-For the father who strives to do his best every day. 

- For the daughter whose love was built on the

  the foundation of her father's love. 

Pick up a copy and be inspired!



Allison Braham


You’ll be listening to an excerpt from chapter 6 from the best selling book: The Happy Black Daughter. Chapter 6 entitled, Self-Confidence within The Black Daughter.

Excerpt from "The Happy Black Daughter"