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" This book takes the reader on an adventure of love, loss, laughter, and life; captured beautifully through the special connection of a father and his daughter. Allison Braham brilliantly reminds us of the power in shaping life's challenging experiences, in a way that uses us to become a better version of ourselves." - Devon Bandison, Author of Fatherhood is Leadership

"This book is bold, positive and an age filled with anger, victimization, and outrage, it was inspiring to read a book about having been parented that dared to be uplifting and powerful in a positive way....highly recommended!" - Steve Chandler, Author of Shift Your Mind, Shift The World

"Allison's book is an important one. Touching and poignant, she paints a vivid picture of her own defining relationship with her father, all the while reinforcing the idea that the context of the Black family is not always one of abandonment and dysfunction. A welcome new voice who is sharing her own story, challenges the stereotypes that too often perpetuate societal belief systems." - Jessica Huie, Author of Purpose: Find Your Truth, Embrace Your Calling

"I believe the readers are in for a great treat. Allison has changed the narrative about Black fathers and has intrinsically laid the path for conversations rarely had. Her creativity and storytelling are unmatched as she relays the benefits of the presence of fathers in the home and in their daughter's lives." - Joan Wright Good, Author of You are Different for a Reason

The Happy Black Daughter is a vital conversation about the importance and impact of fathers, particularly black fathers in the lives of their daughters in intriguing and occasionally surprising ways. Fathers have a life long and far-reaching influence on their daughters’ lives—both negative and positive. Society tends to focus on the negative stigma of black fathers while the author is deliberate in extolling the positive virtues of the black fathers. This book can and should be used as a teaching method for family dynamics. - James Steward II, Chaplin, and Pastor of South Bushwick Reform Church  

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