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The Happy Black Daughter


A Book About Love and Honor:

A Powerful Message.





-This book is for daughters of the world and     

  -For sons who have loved or love their father unconditionally.

- For the daddy's little girls and daddy's little boys too.

- For those seeking self-love and accepting who 

  they are. 

-For the society who ever doubted black fathers taking care of their children.  

-For the father who strives to do his best every day. 


- For the daughter whose love was built on the

  the foundation of her father's love. 

Pick up a copy and be inspired!



Allison Braham



Not all black daughters are fatherless. Not all black fathers are "so-called" deadbeats. The love between a father and daughter is priceless and is a bond that should be celebrated every day. The Happy Black Daughter is about the positive relationship Braham, the Author, experienced with her beloved father. Those experiences helped shape her life's path into a meaningful one.


 Braham takes you on a poignant journey through warm antidotes she shares with her father and provides the reader with the 5 success principles she learned from him- with a gentle narrative about fatherhood and the misconceptions society has placed on the black fatherhood experience, Braham's inclusion of other black fathers and daughters offers the reader a different insight into the similarities between fathers and daughters even if the cultural dynamics are different.


  It is Braham's hope that this book will inspire fathers and daughters everywhere. This book is for daughters and sons who have ever loved or love their father unconditionally. It is for the daddy's little girls and daddy's little boys too. This book is for the love of self-love and accepting who you are, for the society who has ever doubted black fathers taking care of their children, for the daughters of the world, for that father who needs reassurance that he's doing a great job raising his children, for that daughter whose love was built on the foundation of her father's love.

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