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Feeling Powerful and Free While Writing.

When I think about being powerful and free, words like Impact. Self- acceptance and Love comes to mind. I think to truly experience being powerful and free you have had to overcome challenges in your life. Three years ago, I lost the biggest champion of my life; my father and it shifted my whole world because I no longer had my number one guy rooting for me. I fell into extreme sadness naturally as anyone would losing a parent. I thought I wouldn’t come out of it.

What I realized is that I needed to do something that would honor my father in a way that would help me to heal but to inspire others too. I felt like I was already honoring him by working in health education; helping to promote healthy living for individuals who were less fortunate. I thought by doing so was a way to pay homage and in some ways, it was.

My father was afflicted with colon cancer so working within the health field was my way of giving back. I started promoting healthy, organic products online. I was making a difference in that aspect, but I needed to do something more personal. Would a book be something that would help me to heal? The answer is yes. I began writing little notes to my father talking to him and those little notes was the spark to start writing a book.

Once I started writing, it became catharsis for me. A flood of emotions rushes through me each time I write about my father. I feel invigorating and I notice that my attitude towards the loss of my father shifted to a positive. I’m not feeling sad now, I’m feeling joy when I think of him and that is powerful.

It’s important to find something that will allow you to be powerful and free. For me, it's writing. Writing is powerful. We all have power within us. We all have the power to shift our attitudes. I’m excited to be focusing on my book and cannot wait to share it with the world. #2018


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