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My Appointment to The Broad of Advisory For UWPBOOKS


I am very excited to announce my appointment to serve on the advisory board for Universal Write Publications LLC. This is such a prestigious honor. I'll be apart of a group of preeminent scholars carrying out the UWP's mission while implementing strategic initiatives for the advancement and success of UWP. 'UWP strives to enhance literacy to broaden worldviews through collective research; using interdisciplinary theories'. My collaboration with fellow members will ensure that we do just that.

Literacy is the cornerstone to freedom and can change the world in the most impacting way. The country with the lowest literacy rate according to World Atlas article, is South Sudan at 27% compared to the highest literacy rate in countries such as Andora and Finland at 100%. Now, more than ever we need great literary work in the hands of many throughout the world. By doing so, can spark creative ideas, increase personal, social development and provides access to the economic structure of a country. It is our universal right that we all collectively produce amazing literary work.

I am grateful for the invitation from CEO Ayo Sekai. Thank you.

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