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Happy Black Daughter Podcast

I'm so excited to announce the launch of the Happy Black Daughter Podcast. It's a great experience to be apart of this podcast universe. Click the podcast link below or log onto your favorite podcast channel and listen to what my father told me about loving myself and staying true to who I am.

I decided to create a podcast where I would be able to continue sharing amazing stories about the positive relationship a child has with his or her father and mother. We'll be discussing the importance of fatherhood, motherhood, daughter-hood and much more. We will also talk about how parents actions help to cultivate a child's life. Join me on this journey and let's continue to have these important conversations.

Click the link below and listen in to an excerpt from chapter 6 entitled, Self- Confidence within the Black Daughter from my book the Happy Black Daughter. Also, don't forget to follow the Happy Black Daughter Podcast.

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