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4 Strategies That Helped Me Write My book


Episode number 5 talks about the four strategies that helped me to write my book. I really utilized four basic strategies and I am very happy that I did. I wanted to share these four strategies with you all because I was inspired by my cousin who lives in Jamaica. She actually asked me three nights ago, what were some of the steps I took in order to complete my book? I thought it was a great topic to share on the podcast for those who are deciding to write their own books. Here are the four strategies:

1. You have to know exactly what it is you want to write about.

Anyone can say that they want to write a book, however, you have to think about your topic. You have to think about the message within the book. What will be your theme?

For me, I knew the book would be about something I was passionate about; something I love talking about (and, that was about my daddy. I love talking about him but more so, I love talking about fathers and daughters and family, it puts a smile on my face. 5 months after my father passed away, I decided to honor him and it would be in book form.

2. Establish a Power Routine

My creative juices flow usually around 10 pm to 3 am in morning. Yep, you read that right! That didn't mean I didn't write in the mornings, sure I did. It was during the night where I felt my writing was better.

I dedicated those hours to either sitting in my office or on my couch with a cup of tea next to the laptop ( Not that close, we don't want tea spilling all over it and messing up the goods!) Sometimes I had a blanket by my side. Writing at night worked for me. it was quieter.

3. Start your 'Free-writing'

This process was indeed fun because all I did was write down whatever came to mind about my message/ theme without thinking about where the content would end up I wasn't sure if it was going to end up in the book. That is what Free-writing is about. It's similar to journaling. I simply wrote down my thoughts and ideas. I worried about editing and organizing the content for another time. I would designate one hour to do so.

4. Remember WHY you want to write a book in the first place

Something happened along my writing journey. I STOPPED WRITING FOR 3 months! I stopped writing because I started having doubts about what I was writing about. I started to question my ability as a writer. As a first-time writer, I've learned now that this is normal. What I did was I had to revisit my WHY. Once I revisited the reason why I wanted to share my message, I got motivated again to get back at it. I also surrounded myself with amazing people doing great things in the world and hired a coach that would encourage me and push me.

These are the four strategies that helped me. It worked, and I guarantee you, if you can implement one or two of these strategies, you can achieve your book writing goals if that is what you desire to do.

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