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5 Ways To Position Yourself to Win.

2. Create good quality content

Content, content, content! You will be doing yourself a disservice if you are not providing your readers or followers valuable content they can use.

Depending on what your service is, it is important to cater to your audience. People want to know the 'How To'. They want to know what to do and are looking for someone to share it with them. Share something that is meaningful and worthy so that when your readers see your work, they are filled with valuable information.

3. Get Social online .

That's right, get sociable! Where are you showing up?. Are you on Facebook? On Instagram? How about LinkedIn? Let's not forget Pinterest and then there's YouTube, not to mention Google plus. Whoa! The platforms are out there and can be overwhelming to figure out which one to use as your online real estate. One thing I've learned is that you don't have to be on every social media platform; it 's a lot to keep up with especially if you are just starting out online. Choose two platforms that best suits you and the audience you are targeting. Choose a platform and show up consistently.

4. Public Speaking

This is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field. For me, this was something I had to get used to. Speaking in public can be intimidating but it's also a powerful way to have your audience believe in you and what you stand for. There are different opportunities to enhance your public speaking craft. There are Toastmaster's programs available where you live. If you don't want to take that route, volunteer to speak at an event about a particular topic.

5. Video Marketing

Your readers, followers, listeners however you want to call your 'fan base', they want to see you and hear you. Human behavior is quite interesting, we love the concept of seeing is believing. Well, when you are able to be seen and actually heard on video, it lets us know that you are real and we're not just reading an article from a artificial intelligence machine. Video is another area, I had to get used to because what video does is expose your physical self and when we expose ourselves in that way, we fear being judged.

The fact of the matter is; if you are conveying a message that is valuable, chances are people won't be judging you personally. They'll be listening to what you have to say and then will try to apply it to their needs. Go for it! Create a video that will have your followers coming back for more.

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