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Being Vulnerable While Writing a Book

When I decided to write a book, I knew exactly what it would be about. It would be about my father and the father/daughter relationship we had together. What is so interesting is, it took losing my father for me to decide on writing a book. In the process of doing so, I questioned my- self so many times. I asked myself:

- Will I be judged?

-Will people find value in the book?

-Will people buy the book?

-Will I be satisfied with the outcome of the book?

The fear of the unknown created a vulnerable side of me and I wanted it to stop. The truth is; to stop feeling vulnerable is unrealistic especially when you desire something great for your life. There is not one influential leader, whether it is Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Tony Robins, Les Brown, Devon Bandison just to name a few who have not experienced a time when they were vulnerable. These successful leaders speak to thousands of people all over the world and I'm sure they have had those similar questions. I'm sure they have had doubts, but they survived it. They embraced their vulnerabilities in while sharing their greatness to the world.

There have been times when I cried while writing this book. I laughed. I jumped up for joy. When these emotions creep up inside of me, I get motivated even more to continue.

I accept being vulnerable while writing the book because I know its apart of the process. My desire is to share my story and if one or two people are inspired by the story that will not be a failure, that will be a success.

Let's face it, you will pay a price for going after what you want. You will lose a few friends, but probably gain new ones. You will be criticized for your work but maybe someone will compliment you on your work. You will be judged on what you believe in but maybe someone will accept and respect your values because they share the same.

This journey of doing what you want to do while living your best life involves being vulnerable. Being vulnerable will get you to where you want to be so release what is holding you back, release your vulnerabilities and watch how you will soar!

When are you most vulnerable? If you found this post valuable and want to share your thoughts. Leave a comment and come on over to our Facebook group.

Ally. :-)

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