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A Book About Love and Honor: A Powerful Message

January 10th marked the 4th anniversary of my father's burial and I smiled. All day! There were no tears, no sorrow from me, but instead pure joy and lots of smiling. I felt his spirit was smiling back at me deeply. I hope even broadly as my book will be released very soon.

A book about love, honor, the powerful bond between father and daughter; changing the status quo: a powerful message. Would you want to read a book about that?

My forthcoming book entitle: 'The Happy Black Daughter: 5 Success Principles My Father Taught Me', not only is a warm tribute to my father where I share personal stories about he and I, but it speaks to the fact that:

-Not all black daughters are fatherless

-Not all black fathers are absent from their children's lives

-The role of the father is essential

- A daughters love is undeniable

-Love conquers all even after loss

I share the 5 Successful principles I learned from my father through storytelling.These are principles which gave me a sense of purpose in my life. Maybe you'll see value in those principles. I hope you do. At a time when our society continues to cast negative misconceptions about such topic, it is time to move in a new direction; that is, we need to start having conversations about great fathers, and what it means to be a father.

The more we have these conversations about fatherhood, the more young men and perhaps not so young men who once fell short in that role, can be inspired and know that they can become the best father they can be.

This book celebrates fatherhood, celebrates daughter-hood. Celebrates the love I had for my beloved father. You're going to as a reader, I hope feel inspired and motivated. Maybe something will resonate with you.

Its two folds: celebrating, honoring our fathers, and changing the status quo. This book is for the daughters and sons who have ever loved or love their father unconditionally; for the daddy's little girls and daddy's little boys too. This book is for the love of self-love and accepting who you are. For the society who has ever doubted black fathers taking care of their children. For the daughter of the world, for that father who needs reassurance that he's doing a great job raising his children; for that daughter whose love was built on the foundation of her father's love.

My debut book, The Happy Black Daughter: 5 Success Principles My Father Taught Me will be published by Joan Wright Publishing in the Winter of 2019. I'm excited! I'm looking forward to sharing with you great things coming for 2019! Stay tuned.

Look out for my book cover reveal coming soon. Have you subscribed to my mailing list yet? Please do, you'll receive amazing up to date information and great bonuses. In the meantime, explore the site. Like and leave a comment.

I appreciate you,

Ally :-)

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