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The Long Walk To Freedom Tour

The long walk to freedom.

The long walk to freedom.

It's not an easy road at times in life but we can make it.

Buju Banton, a powerful and talented Jamaican artist performed a historical concert in Jamaica; revitalizing his career and creating more inspirational and nostalgic memories for his fans. Including his biggest fan, myself.

Buju was released after eight years of incarceration due to a drug conviction in 2011. Upon his release, thousands of people from all walks of life, from all over the world traveled to witness his amazing concert branded: 'The Long Walk to Freedom' He has had a long, challenging eight years being incarcerated and in life in general. His experience should remind all of us that we can never escape challenges in life nor can we escape making mistakes.

Human beings have always shown time and time again that making mistakes is inevitable. It is part of our developmental process. Our growth. The challenges and mistakes we face prepares us for extraordinary things.

The long walk is the tears, the heartaches, the pain, the sweat, the hurt, the loneliness. Freedom is joy, freedom is the heavy burden lifted off your shoulders. Freedom is lessons learned from that long walk to freedom. Those lessons will free you and release you from your mental and emotional bondage.

You might be on your long walk to freedom and in the process may feel uncertain as to when will freedom come. Give it time, it will come and when it does; the reward and satisfaction you will feel will be indescribable!

It will be an amazing experience. You'll end up looking back; thanking that long walk you endured.

Elizabeth Catlett, (1968)

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