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4 Ways To Protect Your Peace

4 Ways To Protect Your Peace

You have the power to protect your peace. Peace brings a sense of calm to your overall body, mind, and being. When your inner peace becomes altered in a way that may cause confusion, it may take a longer time to come out of that state; a state where you feel lost and helpless.

Here are four ways to protect your peace:

  1. Do Something Joyous:

Think about what brings your joy. Pure joy. There has to be something that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good about yourself. Do you enjoy taking long walks to the park? Do you like writing? Do you enjoy arts and crafts? There is something that speaks to you deep down inside. Whatever it is, find it and practice doing those things. When you start creating that habit of doing it you will start to feel better. Afterward, share it with someone who is like-minded and they will be so happy for you and cheer you on.

2. Saying NO is Powerful

If you had to say Yes to everything under the sun, you might end up feeling depleted. I have had that issue. I had to learn only to say yes to things that will add value to my life. There are occasions when you say yes spontaneously then regretting it afterward. For example, saying yes to buying that $100 outfit knowing well that it's not in your budget. A friend invites you to a 7-day extravaganza, you say yes and regret it later. Your mom keeps asked you to drive her to her friend for the twentieth time for the week and you say yes. Saying NO is a word that should be used frequently with feeling bad about it. Say it assertively and mean it.

3. Distance Yourself From Toxic Individuals

This one may seem a little challenging for some if that toxic person is a family member. If you ever find yourself in a situation with a person who creates dysfunction in your life, communicate clearly to that person how they make you feel. Focus on what you can control and set emotional boundaries by letting others know how to treat you. If being in the presence of someone creates a headache, there is nothing wrong with loving them from a distance.

4. Open Yourself to Someone You Trust

Opening up your feelings to someone you trust can help with your peace of mind. That trusted person can be that sounding board you need to release your thoughts and whatever is bothering you. That person comforting you and also offering constructive advice is a huge help for your mind. Find that person and share with them how you feel. Don't suffer in silence.

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